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Did Someone Say Friend Goals?!

Needless to say, 2022 has continued its reign of mayhem and delayed us in seeing old friends and making new ones. But the year is still young and the possibilities are endless. Who knows when or where you might meet your next lifelong friend!

Here are some tips from our very own David Coleman the Dating Doctor on friendship goals.

What it Means To Have or Be a True Friend...

1. Very rare! In fact, throughout your life, you might have 5 or fewer true friends.

2. Time spent with them is effortless. Time flies by!

3. Nobody keeps score. Who bought last, who wrote last, who called last...none of that matters.

4. There's no gossip and there is no jealousy. You can talk face to face about critical issues.

5. You pick up where you left off. Even if there was a lapse in communication, you pick up like no time was lost.

6. Your interactions are judgment-free. You can discuss sensitive topics with complete civility.

Events gathering people are a great opportunity to see old friends and make new ones! Even better is an event with one of the most versatile speakers in North America, David Coleman. Contact us to book or learn more about David today.

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