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April is National Poetry Month!

National Poetry Month is Coming Up in April!

Performance and Workshop!

National Poetry Month is approaching, and you know what it means! We get to explore our poetic side and enrich our awareness of current issues. As April brings us to the end of the academic year, spoken word is a fantastic way to round up the semester. Even better, Metropolis is home to some outstanding award-winning poets.

Invite aspiring poets and English majors to the workshop and performance! An excellent approach to support mental wellness too!

We are excited to present the following offer!

It's a 2fer Deal!

Book a spoken word performance and get a workshop free! The possibilities are endless!

Kyla Jenée Lacey

Media Personality

Combining Poetry, Comedy, and Witty Banter

Akeem Olaj

3-Time National Poetry Slam Team Titleist


Poet, Community Organizer, Speaker, Blogger

Panama Soweto

National Poetry Slam Champion Writer, Educator, Presenter, Musician, Community Activist

#CollegeSpokenWord #NACA #APCA #AprilSpokenWord #BookSpokenWord #SpokenWordAgency

Contact Libby Lee at to book or learn more.

Metropolis Management

Phone: 510-342-9229

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