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Full Participation, Full Energy!

Trivia Stream’s flexible programming options give you the freedom to customize your event— and your venue.

Whether its a streaming or live show, Mic Drop Productions pride itself on providing a high-production value, turnkey game show experience designed to fit in your budget. From logo integration to personalized announcements, Mic Drop Productions can make your next event feel like it was tailor-made just for you.


Trivia Stream

Trivia Stream’s virtual and hybrid game show versions were designed from the ground up to be high-energy and interactive. With an incredible host, cash prizes, fun trivia questions, and chat room challenges, we’ll not only entertain, but retain your audience through the whole show.

In addition to our general trivia rounds, we can also include custom questions about your school or company, or provide themed education programs designed to educate and entertain throughout the year.

Trivia Stream LIVE

Looking to get the entire audience involved? Trivia Stream LIVE is the perfect option. We’ll test everyone’s trivia knowledge while they play along using their cell phone or laptop. With over 5,000 questions (and counting), we can even design a show to meet your event’s theme. 

Between rounds, we’ll also get them up and out of their seats with some fun challenges to keep the energy going and switch things up a bit. Not great at trivia? This could be your opportunity to win a prize!

Tipping Point

A head-to-head competition. A list of options worth various points. Choose wisely.

Tipping Point sees two competitors going against each other to tip the scales in their favor by selecting from a group of answers whose ‘weights’ vary greatly. Do you know the best-selling music albums of all time? Guess the highest ranked options on the board and it could earn you some cash.

Want to double your money? Risk it all and spin The Wheel.

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors is a classic game, but what if we told you there’s a much more exciting way to play this game? Each team starts out with a random, secret card. A game of challenges then earns both teams more playing cards- each listed with a Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Win a challenge? Get another card. Lose a challenge? You’re stuck with your secret card.

How will you choose to play your cards? In the end, it could all come down to luck.

Next Level Bingo

We’ve taken everything you love about bingo and elevated it to be something new, exciting, and perfect for entertaining groups of all ages. In addition to some unique gameplay experiences, our professional show host/bingo caller will capture the excitement of waiting for last ball to be called and shine a spotlight on the thrill of getting bingo.

Let us show you how we take this classic game to the next level.

"The virtual trivia show was engaging and educational. Thank you for the amazing event! It was very professional, organized, and fun." (Hosted show for Sexual Health and Consent)

- Julie Kim - Temple University

It was fabulous! We had about 90 students there and the highlight of the show was Gus!!! But seriously so many students told me how much fun they had. Thank you all so much!

-Virginia Howell - University of Florida Student Government

"Thank you again for hosting Trivia Stream for Fitchburg State University! I was watching the show and loved the interaction you and your colleagues had with the students. I think those who attended really felt they were once again engaging with the community, which is incredibly important during these times."

-Nathan Emery - Fitchburg State University

"The Trivia Stream was great! The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was a real high-quality experience. I personally thought Gus and the whole team were hilarious and connected with the students really well, both through the game show and the chat room!"

-Emilie Morris - University of South Florida