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Kelsea Peterson, renowned for her memoir "Expensive Skin", offers an intimate glimpse into her battles with mental health, sobriety, and the path to recovery.

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Think Global, Book Local! Kelsea is West Coast Based! 

Top Reasons to Book Kelsea Peterson... Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): Offering insight into coping strategies, resilience, and recovery. Veteran Services or Office of Military and Veteran Affairs: Sharing experiences that resonate with students who have served in the military. Student Wellness or Health Promotion Services: Advocating for the 30-day sobriety challenge, daily workouts, and the holistic benefits of incorporating yoga into wellness routines. Recovery or Sobriety Groups: Emphasizing personal experiences with addiction and the benefits of sobriety. Women in STEM or Engineering Departments: Serving as an inspiration for women in traditionally male-dominated fields. Peer Educator Programs: Providing valuable coping strategies and tools that can be shared with peers. Residence Life and Housing: Equipping Resident Advisors with vital skills for addressing mental health challenges. Student Leadership Programs: Inspiring resilience and the ability to overcome challenges. Diversity and Inclusion Offices: Offering insights into the struggles faced by diverse populations. Women's Centers or Gender Equity Centers: Empowering and inspiring other women through personal journeys. First-Year Experience or Transition Programs: Promoting resilience and effective coping strategies for transitioning students. Student Organizations focused on Mental Health Awareness: Sharing a personal journey equipped with tools and strategies for mental wellness.


Kelsea Peterson isn't just a veteran, engineer, author, coach, and speaker. She's your guiding light, embodying resilience. Despite battling borderline personality disorder, anxiety, depression, addiction, and facing a harrowing suicide attempt, she's turned her experiences into stepping stones. In her book "Expensive Skin", she shares these struggles, ensuring you know you're not alone. Kelsea stresses the importance of aligning your identity with your goals, advocating for a 30-day sobriety challenge and daily workouts. In her workshops, she equips you with vital coping skills, urging you to remain present amidst overpowering emotions. She also offers an enlightening 'Fear Inventory', guiding you in replacing outdated survival thoughts. Moreover, she aids you in crafting a steadfast purpose statement, a reliable anchor in stormy seas. With Kelsea's journey and teachings, you'll witness the unmatched power of resilience and self-belief.

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