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craig bidiman

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Educator, Speaker, and Artist: Inspiring Conversations on Mental & Sexual Health

  • Campus Speaker on Mental and Sexual Health

  • Presenter at Professional Conferences

  • Host of eduPUNX Podcast

  • Featured in Campus Media and Radio Interviews

Think Global, Book Local, Craig Bidiman is located in Boston, MA​

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Craig Bidiman is an accomplished educator and public speaker with a passion for addressing important but often overlooked topics. With a background in English and Education from Oregon State University and a Masters of Education in Higher Education Administration from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Craig has dedicated his life to wellness education.

As an Assistant Director of Campus Programs at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Craig helps college students organize events and programs that foster creativity and community. In addition to his role in academia, he is a versatile artist, including being a spoken word artist, musician, painter, nonprofit owner, and podcast host.

Craig's speaking engagements cover a range of topics, including mental health and sexual health, and he prides himself on his non-traditional approach as an independent speaker, collaborating directly with organizations to customize his presentations. His sliding scale pay rate reflects his commitment to accessible education.

Keynote Talks:

  1. "Survival Ain't Pretty" (Mental Health)

  2. "Real Talk / Sex Talk" - 90-minute Sexual Health Orientation

  3. Authenticity in Leadership

  4. "College Sucks!" What I Wish I Knew About College

  5. "What Makes a Man?"

  6. Balance and Wellness as a Student Leader/Professional

  7. "Going Home is Hard for Me" (Navigating difficult conversations with Family)

  8. The Intersection of Sexual Health and Mental Health

  9. Consent, Sexual Assault Prevention & Bystander Intervention

  10. Masculinity and Sexuality

Craig's engaging presentations offer valuable insights and promote open dialogue on these crucial subjects, making him an ideal choice for your next speaking engagement or spoken word performance.


  1. Counseling Services: Mental health and resilience presentations.

  2. Health Education: Comprehensive sexual health education.

  3. Student Activities: Diverse arts and cultural events.

  4. Residential Life: Transition and challenges outside the classroom.

  5. Diversity and Inclusion Offices: Social awareness and inclusivity.

  6. Leadership and Student Development: Authentic leadership and well-being.

  7. Sexual Assault Prevention: Prevention and campus culture.

  8. Student Government Associations: Leadership and engagement.

  9. Wellness and Counseling Centers: Holistic student well-being.

  10. Queer/LGBTQ+ Resource Centers: LGBTQ+ events and advocacy.

Think of Craig For...

  1. Wellness Week: Mental and sexual health workshops.

  2. Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Prevention talks.

  3. Diversity Symposium: Intersectionality discussions.

  4. Open Mic Night: Spoken word performances.

  5. Leadership Conference: Authenticity in leadership.

  6. Orientation Programs: Insights on college life.

  7. Artistic Showcases: Social issue art performances.

  8. Queer/LGBTQ+ Events: LGBTQ+ advocacy.

  9. Residence Hall Programs: Support discussions.

  10. Mental Health Awareness Week: Coping strategies keynote.

"We had Craig come to campus for a sex education session in collaboration with our African Student Association. During the session, Craig was personable, engaging, and incredibly authentic. The session was going so well that students in attendance reached out to their peers to drop by the auditorium, and we ultimately had a full auditorium. Craig is incredible, and I definitely recommend him for your programming needs."

-Junior Pena, Fitchburg State University

"I have continued to bring Craig to each campus I've worked on because of his unique ability to truly engage with students he's working with. Craig has the ability to adapt his presentations to meet the needs of a particular program, group, or event. Every time I bring Craig to campus the event has value to the students in attendance."

- Mike Fox, Bristol Community College

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